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  • 2/14/2014

    Please click the links below to view Issues Regarding 2013-2014 Rules, by Pat McCormick, NCAA National Coordinator of Wrestling Officials.

    View as a PowerPoint Presentation

    View as a PDF

  • 10/28/2013

    Please click here for a current list of 2013 NCAA Wrestling Officials who have passed the test and attended a clinic.

  • 9/17/2013

    The NCAA recognizes the important role that officials associations play in the overall health and sustainability of championships.  To support wrestling officials associations the NCAA wrestling staff and committee have developed a grant program.  Wrestling officials associations may apply for the grant to support to assist their association in the areas of Recruitment, Retention, Training, Education, and Mentoring of wrestling officials.  The deadline to submit the grant application is December 1, 2013.

  • 9/17/2013

    The NCAA has invested significant resources to provide a more comprehensive and consistent educational platform for sports officials.   Similar to the registration process that is required to officiate at the high school level, the NCAA is initiating a registration process for its officials.  This program was rolled out in phases by sport and division beginning in 2009-10 with Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Baseball, and Softball. 2013-14 Wrestling will be included.  ArbiterSports is the NCAA’s technology partner in this effort.  To read the FAQs document, please click here.

  • 9/12/2013

    Welcome to this year’s edition of points of emphasis for NCAA wrestling referees. 

    In the brief time we have together, I am going to discuss topics that will give you the sense of the most significant rule changes for 2013-14 and 2014-15 and some insight as to the rationale for those changes.  These slides are presented in the order in which the change first appears in the book, not necessarily in the order of importance or frequency in competition.

    On behalf of the NCAA Wrestling Rules Committee, I urge you to not only participate in this presentation, but also to review all the changes listed in the front of the rule book as major and editorial changes or common practice updates.  In addition,  let me call your attention to the points of emphasis, committee report and codes of conduct that are often overlooked but are valuable foundations for rules and their changes.

    To view the PowerPoint, please click below:

    If you experience download issues due to the large PowerPoint file size, you may also click here for a PDF version that DOES NOT contain video clips.

  • 9/6/2013

    This presentation covers all the new rules for the 2013-14 wrestling season and will be presented at the Wrestling Officials Clinics. 

    To view the PowerPoint, please click below:

  • 9/5/2013

    The 2013-14 NCAA Wrestling Rules Test will be available on Monday, September 16 - Saturday, October 19 at 11:59 p.m.  The test contains 50 questions and has a passing score of 85 percent.  When available, the test can be accessed by clicking the TESTING tab.

  • 7/10/2013

    Welcome to Center Mat, created for NCAA Wrestling, where you'll find the latest officiating news and information.

    Beginning with the 2013-14 wrestling season, all wrestling officials who wish to officiate NCAA wrestling matches during the regular season and NCAA postseason must be registered on ArbiterSports. 

    The NCAA has created the Center Mat website that will be housed on the ArbiterSports platform and will serve as the official site for NCAA wrestling rules and officiating.  The site will house the NCAA rules book, interpretations, points of emphasis, as well as videos, testing, and periodic rules and mechanics updates. 

    Clinic registration information, postseason assignments and the annual rules test will be administered through the site.  There will be a cost of $100 for registration; however, we are confident that the content and service that will be provided to the referees will be well worth the investment. 

    Each referee will receive a registration welcome packet that will include an NCAA rules book, and we are working with officials’ equipment suppliers to provide product discounts as part of the registration. 

    To register, please click REGISTRATION.


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