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Tim Shiels - National Coordinator
  • 10/21/2021

    Please click the link to view 2021-22 Officiating Signals and Mechanics Handbook.

  • 12/31/2016
    The following scenarios have occurred at dual meets and tournaments during the first six weeks of the season.  Some of the situations have been called correctly, and some have not.  Please take a moment to review, and ask yourself, “did I know the correct ruling, and would I have made the proper call?”  The correct answers and explanations will be posted Monday, December 19th. 
  • 11/17/2016


    The first few weeks of the season have gone by without many controversies, and issues.  Let’s take a quick review of the positives, and address areas of concern that we need to improve upon, moving forward.

    Rule 5.9.2

    Wrestlers have been doing a great job of staying on the mat in the neutral position, we have very few stoppages, and officials have been more consistent with making the proper call of “Action, Backing Out” or “Pushing Out”.  Officials, make certain you’re signaling the call, and verbalizing which call you’ve made.


    Officials, this being the second year of Rule 5.9.2, we need to continue to recognize traditional stalling in the neutral position, and in all areas of wrestling.  I’ve seen improvement in the early season, and you’ve  been warning the wrestler who is defensive or playing the edge, and doing a better job of awarding the wrestler who is being the aggressor and making the legitimate takedown attempts.

    Areas to Improve Upon

    5.6 – Flagrant Misconduct

    The highest incidents of Flagrant calls come early in the season at Open Tournaments.  Officials, these can be long days for everyone, yet it is imperative that we understand the severity of the Flagrant Misconduct call.

    Remember, a Flagrant Misconduct call takes that wrestler out of their next event!  If the call is warranted, make it, but we also need to do a better job of preventive officiating.  Verbalize to the wrestlers that we’re going to wrestle within the rules.  Penalize for unsportsmanlike or for unnecessary roughness early.  Set the tone, and take control of the bout.  This will help diffuse situations before they become flagrant.

    5.18 – Interlocking Fingers

    Officials, when you see interlocking fingers, verbalize to the wrestlers to release the lock.  If they fail to release the lock after 1-2 seconds of reaction time, call stalemate.  After making the stalemate call, make it very clear to each wrestler that if you have to make another stoppage for interlocking fingers, one or both of them will be warned for staling.  Following this sequence will help reduce the repeated use of interlocking fingers.

    Officials and coaches, please email me with both the great things you see happening in our sport and with your concerns.  Let’s continue to work together to make the 2016-17 wrestling season our best ever!

    Tim Shiels
    National Coordinator of Wrestling Officials

  • 12/14/2015



    It’s been an exciting and interesting past five weeks observing and evaluating officials.  Coaches and wrestlers have made adjustments to a number of the new rules put forth for the 2015-16 season.

    To the coaches:  I can understand your frustration at times, yet you have demonstrated great patience. I appreciate our shared and universal belief that wrestlers need to make every effort to stay on the mat (Rule 5.9.2), and, that a 1 second hold when starting wrestlers on the mat is helping both wrestlers receive a fair start (Rule 2.1.3).  Thank you!

    To the officials: My appreciation and gratitude to those of you who have been consistently making the proper calls and adjustments (even when being criticized); continue to do so and keep up the good work! Additionally, I’d like to point out some trends I and many evaluators throughout the country have observed.  

    We need to address and improve on the following; understandably, when the season kicked-off on November 1st, officials had a lot of new rules to look for:  

    1. Making 1 of 3 calls when the wrestlers went out of bounds in the neutral position.

    2. Holding for a 1-second or longer pause when starting wrestling on the mat.

    3. Interlocking fingers.

    4. The new 4-point near fall criteria.


    In focusing on these new rules, in many cases we simply did not call stalling on the wrestler who consistently backed out, was defensive, or, award the aggressive wrestler who had made 3-4 unanswered quality takedown attempts, and not call stalling on his opponent. Make The Stall Call.  This is clearly defined on page 52 of the Rule Book under 5.9: Stalling.

    Let’s also remember the intent of Rule 5.9.2 is for wrestlers to make every effort to stay on the mat. If you’ve warned a wrestler for stalling in the neutral position and that wrestler has clearly backed off the mat 10 seconds later, then Make The Stall Call.  Award his opponent the 1 point for the second stalling call.  I know that in previous years, we would almost never call a wrestler for 2 stall calls in a 10 second span.  Yet, by rule, it is imperative the call is made when warranted.

    Holding for a 1 Second or Longer Pause:

    In the past 5 weeks, officials and wrestlers have made great strides in holding for 1 second or longer when starting wrestling on the mat.  Officials, you’ve done an excellent job of getting yourself set and staying motionless.  This has greatly reduced the number of false starts.  However, later in tournaments and duals, the 1 second pause, and (in many cases) clearly calling the second set has become less frequent.  Hold For 1 Second and make certain both “sets” are clearly announced.

    Officials, thank you for your hard work.  In working together, I know we will continue to make great strides.


    Tim Shiels
    National Coordinator of Officials

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